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Roof tinsmithing and ornamental tinsmithing

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About Us

Our company is specialized in the execution of following works:
  • Roof tinsmithing.
  • Ornamental tinsmithing.
  • Trading of materials and products in the tinsmithing area.

Roof tinsmithing and tinsmithing in constructions:
  • The application of coating systems through duble vertical rabbet on roofs with big surfaces and low maturity (till 3°) on towers, frontages, pediments, realized horizontal,vertical and with rectangular rabbet.
  • Application of coating systems with minor elements, for coating cupolas, towers, coating systems scute or rhomb type.

Ornamental tinsmithing:
  • Manufacturing of simple or decorated snuff boxes.
  • Manufacturing of ornaments in art nouveau style.
  • Pressed ornaments, rosettes, weathercocks, decorative profiles at the splitting of roof slopes.
  • Fabrication of spheres, semispheres.

  • Also provideing:
    • Manufacturing and assembling coatings from sheets and accessories of several types after occidental standards.
    • Projection expertise at complicated coating nodes and roof systems.
    • Manufacturing of unique and standardized aprons and gutters.
    • Renovation and new works in the area of ornamental tinsmithing.
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