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Roof tinsmithing and ornamental tinsmithing

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Drainage systems, sheets, bands, pediment systems.

Prefabricated coating systems such as DEXTER, ADEKA.

The laminated zink VM-ZINC is corresponding to european standard NF EN 988, wich guarrantees a zink purity of99,995% before alloying with titanium and copper, also respecting the requirements on dimensions and mechanistic tolerance.

This standard is applied since 1997 in 18 european countries, 15of them members of the European Union.

VM-ZINC is in compliance with the European standard EN 988,wich provides very severe criterias about the titanium-zink structure, towards to the physical and mechanistic properties, so becoming an international reference.



Products of painted aluminium Prefa with 40 years guarantee in bands or sheets.

Draining systems, prefabricated rhomboid systems, metallic tiles.

Prefa gutters are manufactured from painted aluminium bands.

The advantage of prefa gutters are: the corrosion resistance, it's long lasting life, tested original quality, creative application thanks to the six basic and the other unique colours, and the wide range of accessories.

The substance of Prefa aluminium products are the alloys wich are corresponding to EN573 and DIN1725 standards.

The gutters and downspouts are painted with the "Coil-Coating" procedure,andthey are corresponding to the severe prescriptions of the ECCA (European Coil Coating Association) from Bruxelles.

The Prefa product resists on temperatures from -30 C° to +80 C° , so satisfies the requirements of external architecture.

The varnish layer resists to all chemical and weather generated effects.

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